Friday, December 10, 2004

No. 29, Vol. 3.

By now, some folks have heard the news: we're moving our business to Springboro, Ohio, about 17 miles south of our current location. We close on the property January 3, 2005, and start moving in that day. For the complete story, click here. This comes on the heels of getting MAJOR exposure for the Gaansari Scorcher in the Nov. 19 USA Today, with a daily readership of 3.5 million.

If you or someone you know is interested in renting our space at 1106 Brown Street, contact Tom at 937-416-4933. Prime space for a boutique of any type - bookstore, coffee shop, what have you. Approximately 2,200 square feet. Great landlord. Our last day at 1106 Brown Street is Thursday, December 23. We’ll reopen in Springboro on Monday, January 10, 2005. Our new address will be 305 S. Main St. – BARN, Springboro, OH 45066. Our new phone number will be 937-748-8862.

Gary & Jean Boulanger, editors
The Bike Evangelist
1106 Brown Street
Dayton, Ohio USA

Holiday Store Hours: Please note – we will be closed Dec. 24, reopening Monday, January 10. Happy December birthdays to: Missy W. (4th); Marcus R. (6th); Zack W. (9th); Eric Snyder (10th); Mark Atherton (13th) and lil' Baby Jesus (25th), the reason for the season.

Products to Consider
All products, unless otherwise noted, can be shipped to your home or workplace for an additional shipping cost. Just call 1-888-813-3355 or email, and we’ll take care of your cycling needs.

NEW! The Gaansari Stable
Visit the Gaansari Stable, the place to find new, reconditioned, upgraded and refurbished complete bicycles and framesets. Our top-notch staff have lovingly prepped and readied everything listed below, so you can be assured of smooth, noise-free riding for many miles to come. Visit the stable; if you see something you like, call us toll-free 1-888-813-3355 or email with questions. We’ll update this page daily.

Angel Ornament
Made of recycled bicycle parts; 3.25" wingspan. Just $12.

Cog Ornament
Whether your favorite bike enthusiast likes one speed or 30, this simple two-inch cog ornament will inspire them when they pass by the Christmas tree this season. Set of three, just $19.

Bicycle Key Chain set (3)
A simple, elegant gift for your favorite bike enthusiast, made of recycled bicycle chain. Set of 3, just $12.

Recycled Bike Parts Picture Frame
Handmade from recycled bicycle chain with an easel back/stand. Stands or hangs vertically or horizontally. Choose from 4" x 6" or 5" x 7", just $29 or $39.

Gaansari Bronze Fixed Gear Sculpture
We found this gem while sifting through a dusty, old footlocker in a thrift store in the SoHo District, J. Peterman style. Well, not really. Actually, we found this at a local wholesaler and bought their entire inventory. Ideal for the fixed-gear devotee. Looks great on the mantelpiece, desktop, or next to the stack of old Bridgestone and Rivendell catalogs on your nightstand. Made in India. Just $30.

Gaansari Cotton Old School Cycling Cap
As most lifestyle cyclers would admit, the much vaunted and highly respected cotton cycling cap is a must-have item anytime of the year. Fly the Gaansari colors! Gold "Gaansari" logos throughout. Black or Carmine Red. Made by Pace in the USA. Just $10 each. Royal Blue available after January 15, 2004.

Gaansari Coffee
Looking for a Mi-T-Fine deep-roasted coffee? Gaansari has just the ticket, and it's roasted locally. Stop by the shop to try a fresh cup, or order from us, and we'll ship some of our delectable stuff ASAP! Choose from SkidMark or Degreaser decaf blend, full-bodied and rich, just like granny. Whole bean only. Available in 12oz bags. Roasted locally in West Chester, Ohio. Giddyup! $8 each.

Coffee Grinder
The connoisseur's chosen method of grinding: beans are introduced to the grinding chamber a few at a time, ensuring a consistent, even grind. La Pavoni burr grinders automatically dial-in the exact amount of coffee required, from 1 to 12 cups and adjust to espresso, coarse and drip settings. Not suitable for Turkish grinds or lever espresso machines. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, they feature 19 grind settings, a 1/4 lb capacity hopper and removable burrs for cleaning. 130-watt motor, 110 volts, UL listed. White or black, which doesn’t show the messy grounds as much. Just $49.

Coffee Mugs
The best coffee must be savored, not sipped. The
Gaansari “Old School”
ceramic coffee mug holds 9 ounces of your favorite Gaansari blend. Diner-influenced engineering with panache. Almond. Just $8.

NEW! Black enamel with our official fleur d’lis logo in Gaansari Gold. Just $8 as well.

Lake Oven Mitts Winter Gloves
Actually, they’re called the MX Firepalm, but we think they look like oven mitts. For really cold commuting. Just $45.

Craft Wool Baselayer clothing
An inner layer of polyester filament yarns assist in wicking moisture away from the skin while a wool outer layer creates a thermal, itch-free surface. Internal air channels help keep warm air trapped close to the skin. Inner Polyester Filament, outer Merino Wool 70% Merino wool, internal Air Channel Structure, raglan shoulders, flat-lock stitching, and slight droptail. Top or bottom - just $65.

Gaansari Merino Wool Socks
Keep your piggies toasty this fall/winter with a choice of low- or high-cuff Merino wool Gaansari socks. Made in USA. Just $12 or $14, respectively. Buy one, get second of equal value for ½ price (while supplies last).

For really cold and/or wet weather, choose the SealSkinz socks, thin enough to use with your everyday cycling shoe, but technical enough for nasty weather. Made in USA. Just $35.

Filson Merino Wool Socks
Merino wool 12-inch socks will bring your feet years of comfort, providing warmth even when wet, plus breathability to prevent overheating. Only comfortable, wickable 100% Merino wool touches your foot. 80% virgin Merino Wool/19% Nylon/1% Lycra® spandex. Style #952A. Made in USA. Just $23.

Gaansari Leisure Shirt
Inspired by a boss-looking shirt American Apparel’s owner Dov found in Chinatown. Handmade placket and form-fitting shoulders. Ideal for riding, posing, or both at once. Definitely stylish, very tragically hip like our other Gaansari wearables. Fits both men and women incredibly well. Organic cotton blend. Sweatshop free, and handmade in Los Angeles. Sports the Orv logo on the chestal area opposite the pocket. Colors: brown, black, asphalt, lemon, pink, crème. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Just $29. Buy one, get second of equal value for ½ price (while supplies last).

Salsa Super Roubaix Arm and Leg Warmers
Brushed fleece interior to wick moisture and feel soft and warm against your skin; arm warmers have rubber grippers at the biceps and reflective logos, leg warmers have rubber grippers at the thigh and a handy 8-inch zipper at the bottom. Black. Just $35 and $40 respectively.

Kucharik Reversible Wool Caps
Sewn from premium, dual-ply Merino wool from New Zealand. Traditional cool-weather caps with short bills and tuck-away ears flaps. Made in California by Kucharik. Four-panel design reverses to all-black. Choose from Red, Yellow, White, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Gray, Black, or Orange. Just $32.

Filson Merino Wool Scarf – Style #990
Merino yarn spun from extra-fine, extra-long fibers for superior smoothness, woven in a 3x3 twill for warmth without weight, then brushed for comfortable softness. 60" x 13", rolled fringe. 100% virgin Merino wool. Made in USA. Just $39.

Filson Fingerless Wool Gloves – Style #941
These exceptional gloves are knit of smooth Merino wool, whose extra-fine, extra long fibers provide all-day comfort and warmth even when wet (and especially for Jean’s chilly fingers when she’s working in the back office). Filson uses a special yarn that's completely wrapped in Merino wool, so only wool touches your skin. They add a touch of Lycra® in the cuff. Fingerless (past the first knuckle) for dexterity when handling small objects (like your keys) in the cold. Hand wash, air dry flat. Made in USA. Just $23.50.

Gaansari Skidstrong™ Fixed Gear Wheelset
Not to be outdone by Lance, we’ve introducing the Gaansari Skidstrong™ fixed-gear wheelset, complete with Miche Primato hubs/Velocity Deep V 32H yellow rims in a stout three-cross spoke lacing. Products of Italy, Australia and Switzerland, yo. Made by Bryan, just $300/pair. For other wheels, go to our Wheel Listing.

NEW! Gaansari Van Cleve road bike
Due to strong customer demand, we’ve re-engineered our Gaansari Van Cleve road bike using a more comfortable geometry based on the Bridgestone RB-1. Construction is silver-brazed, lugged steel (builder’s choice of Columbus or Dedacciai tubing), flat fork crown with one-inch threaded steer, and room for fenders and fatter 700x28-32c tires. Braze-ons galore. Made in Ohio.

NEW! Gaansari Whirlwind 29er
The Wright Aeroplane Company merged with Glenn Curtiss' company, and the fruit of their labor produced the nine-cylinder radial engine for Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" plane in 1927. They called it the Wright Whirlwind, which is the inspiration for our first Offroad model, the 29-inch wheeled Gaansari Whirlwind mountain bike. Our new location is just up the road from Caesar’s Creek State Park, offering southwest Ohio’s finest singletrack. A 29-inch-wheeled MTB is the way to go in these here parts, and steel is still real in our opinion. Look for pictures, pricing and spec after January 15, 2005.

Nifty Books
· Have a Nifty Book idea you’d like to recommend? Email us.

Nifty Links
· My mom gave me a stack of Smithsonian Magazines from 2000, and it's been a thrill reading them with my kids. Very informative without the pomp, like National Geographic.

· “Jungle” Jim Bonaminio is the owner, fearless leader and creative spark plug behind the Tri-state’s largest and most unique grocery store - Jungle Jim’s International Market. This highly self-motivated, notoriously creative entrepreneur built his market from a tiny roadside produce stand (in 1971) into the four-acre food lovers’ paradise it is today. This Fairfield, Ohio landmark is as popular a supermarket as it is a tourist attraction and stands as testament to Bonaminio's commitment to “making grocery shopping fun.” Visit Jungle Jim's International Market online or in the flesh.

· H-Dawg and I take guitar lessons at Hauer Music in downtown Dayton. Dave Hurley is our man. We're hoping to get Sammio started on drums after the new year.

· Have a Nifty Link or Movie you’d like to recommend? Email us.

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Blogger Art said...

I sold a Dodge Dart in 1980 and bought a Miyata 310 road bike. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was off to seminary in St. Louis MO and did not need a car. Soon I was doing some touring and loving being on the road. Then in 1984 I moved to Detroit to serve as a pastor. Then came marriage, then children and my biking fell aside. Now I am in Beavercreek OH with bike paths near by. Summer 04 my wife suggeste we go out on the bike path. I dusted off my 84 MIyata and off we went. I had been having lower back problems and they went away almost overnight. I am back biking with gusto and looking forward to a new bike and hopefully some commuting to the office.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Jim Cuene said...

I think anytime you can engineer a move to a place where your address includes the word "Barn" as a directive, it's a good thing. Maybe, and this is just an idea, all addresses should include something additional to the house numbers to identify the character or spirit of the place. For instance, a lot of houses in the suburbs could include phrases like "taupe", "faux brick", "leveraged to my armpits". Stuff like that. Anyway, I like the fact that you and the family are moving the enterprise to a barn. There's just something good about that.
Also, rather than soliciting good book ideas, why don't you write one? I'd buy two.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Art said...

Gary, do I understand that YOU are taking guitar lessons? When I come out to see you for a bike, I will definitely bring my guitar. Maybe I can swap you some licks for some components. Somehow biking and guitars belong together. The problem is transporting a guitar on a bike. I had a travel guitar once. It would work.

Art Casci

7:18 PM  

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