Thursday, March 03, 2005

No. 32, Vol. 4

In like a lion, out like a lamb, indeed. The month of March thinks its January in southwest Ohio, and area cyclists have been spotted standing at their windows with thousand-yard stares, helmet and cycling gloves in hand. Send some warmth our way, please!

Gary & Jean Boulanger, editors
The Bike Evangelist
305 S. Main St. - BARN
Springboro, Ohio USA
Phony: 937-748-8862

Cycles Gaansari Store Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10-6 p.m.; Saturday 11-5 p.m. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

Buyer's Guide
Looks like the Gaansari brand is in good company, according to the latest VeloNews Buyer's Guide. We're listed under its "Handmade Alternative" section among several dozen Small Production Framebuilders. According to VeloNews, "If you're looking for your first bike since you were 10 years old, it's a sound idea to go with something off the rack. But if you're to the point of considering bikes in the $3,000-plus range, it might be time to consider a custom alternative. It's likely that when you buy your second or third bike, you can get a custom-tailored frame for about the same amount of cash as a machine-produced frame." Our thoughts exactly.

Products to Consider
All products, unless otherwise noted, can be shipped to your home or workplace for an additional shipping cost. Just call 1-937-748-8862 or email, and we'll take care of your cycling needs.

NEW Products
The Gaansari St. Clair is now available with 650B wheels in all sizes 52cm and larger. Thanks to some gentle prodding by VBQ's publisher, Jan Heine, and a few recommendations by Steve Hampsten, we're moving into the 650B realm. We'll still offer a 26-inch wheeled version of all St. Clair sizes. Our Man Justin has already begun building wheels; alongside his workbench is a stack of Velocity Synergy 650B rims and tires from Panaracer, Michelin, Schwalbe, and Mitsuboshi. We've ordered a gaggle of dynamo hubs and lights, so give us a call for quotes and rear hub options!

The Gaansari Whirlwind is also getting noticed on various chatgroups; just when I want to throw in my two cents, a knight in shining armor explains our position. Thanks, our watchdog friends.

Ritchey WCS Blend Coffee
Tom is a good friend, a good bicyclist, and a voracious coffee drinker. So it was only fitting that he starts selling his own blend of coffee, roasted in Missouri. Tom is serious about his coffee, and his custom Sumatran, Arabic and Costa Rican blend, is strong and robust. It will not disappoint on those early morning rides. Just $11.95/lb. Order some from Cycles Gaansari today! A percentage of every sales goes to support Kids Across America.
Brompton L6
Our favorite travel bike - no tools, no muss, no fuss. Made right, made in England. Just $1,087 complete.

Carradice Brompton Travel Rucksack
Custom travel case for your new or old Brompton folder. Grab the handle, use the shoulder strap, or slip it on like a backpack. Handmade in England, of course. Just $170.

Gaansari Stable
Loking for an old fixed gear? Something new old stock? Visit the Gaansari Stable for really good deals. We've sold fine bikes tio fine folks from Atlanta, Florida, Delaware and Seattle, to name a few.
The Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival hosts the world's largest offroad point-to-point race September 16 - 18. I and 2,000 others got our butts shellacked by Greg LeMond in 1990 and 1991. Space is limited, they only accept 1,700 racers, and they draw via lottery. Give it your best shot!

Fixed Gear Symposium
The First Annual International Fixed Gear Symposium is slated for August 12 -14 in Traverse City, Michigan. Mono-coggers unite!

Singlespeed World Championships
Couldn't make it to Germany, Australia or England? The Singlespeed World's are in State College, Pennsylvania this August 20 - 21. Race if you dare!

Scallywags National Summit
Join various Scallywag chapters as they convene in Minneapolis April 27 - May 1. Check out their tall bikes!

Nifty Books
· Don Miller is a fairly young guy who's written some insightful books about God, and the one I'm currently reading, "Blue Like Jazz," intrigues and challenges me.

· A new coffee table book is coming out this May from the folks at Vintage Bicycle Quarterly, called "The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles." Anything from Jan Heine is top-notch, so place your orders right away.
Nifty Movies
· Scifi is a favorite genre at our house, and anytime we find a movie with some comic book sprinkled in, we're all for it. Henri and I enjoyed seeing "The Rocketeer" again, an airborne Indiana Jones.

· No actor had the screen presence as sweet as Cary Grant, and "North By Northwest" was one of his best. I certainly helped to have Alfred Hitchcock directing.
Nifty Music
· Thanks to friend and shop rat Pete P. for this neat link to one of the best guitarist I've seen in years; the kid's just 21 years old, he's from Germany, and his name is Joscho Stephan. Some call him the second coming of gypsy jazz great Django Reinhardt. I call him amazing. His Mutter probably calls him "Mein Kleines Joscho." Enjoy!
Nifty Links
· Dale Brown's Classic Rendezvous is a joy to read, and a wonderful resource for vintage bike geeks like me.

· Sterling Gardner is a new friend, and he runs the Wright House Bed & Breakfast, built in 1815 by the founder of our little hamlet of Springboro, Jonathan Wright. Out-of-town visitors to Cycles Gaansari can book a room and rent a Brompton L6 when in town. Rentals available in May 2005.

· Have a Nifty Music or Movie Link you'd like to recommend? Send it to us for future consideration.

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