Friday, March 25, 2005

No. 33, Vol. 4

Remember the days before mini vans and SUVs dotted the landscape, and kids rode their bikes to baseball and soccer practice? And paperboys were 16 years old or younger? And kids played football and baseball in the street? Man, I long for the old days. Folks today seem to be in such a big hurry to overbook their social and leisure calendars, and relive their childhood through their kids. Makes me glad to hop on my bike and slow the world down a bit. Remember that the next time you go for a ride, and be thankful for the ability to turn the pedals and enjoy some solitude on God’s green earth. Happy birthday to Jean Boulanger (26th)!

Gary Boulanger, editor
The Bike Evangelist
305 S. Main St. - BARN
Springboro, Ohio USA

Phony: 937-748-8862

Cycles Gaansari Store Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10-6 p.m.; Saturday 11-5 p.m. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.
Group Rides
Time to saddle up, partner! Starting Tuesday, April 5, just a few days after Daylight Savings Time, Cycles Gaansari will have group rides at 6:30 p.m. These will be moderately fast road bike rides on the rolling hills of Springboro and the outlying townships. Conversational pace.
Jered Raflik is referred to as the DK product manager, although he really doesn’t care for titles much. He oversees anything to do with the DK name on it. He’s involved in a lot of other stuff too. Everyone at DK wears a lot of hats, because they’re a small company with less than 12 full time employees for both System Cycle and DK. Everyone thinks System Cycles/DK is a huge corporation with a ton of money; according to Raflik, it's not like that. We caught up with him at his Franklin office to talk shop recently.

My good buddy Dave Schlabowske was recently profiled in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. He's program manager for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, a non-profit advocacy group, and he totally rocks. Davey-Boy and I have ridden our Rivendells from Milwaukee to Green Bay (142 miles in one day), our singlespeeds at the 2000 Singlespeed World Championships, our BMX bikes through downtown Milwaukee at night, and spun countless hours on our fixed-gear bikes. I miss him, and I miss riding with him. Dave was one of a handful of close friends I physically left behind in Milwaukee when my family moved to Dayton in August 1999, but it's a wonderful thing to see Dave thriving as a full-time bicycle advocate in a city he really loves. Ride it like you stole it, Dave!
Cyclocross, in a nutshell, is like doing steeplechase on a bicycle. Steeplechase is a footrace of usually 3,000 meters over a closed track with hurdles and a water jump; cyclocross is a bicycle race of usually a mile over a mix of asphalt and dirt trails, with 40cm high barriers staggered around the course to add various degrees of difficulty. Ascents, descents and adverse cambers also add great theater for spectators.

Cyclocross bikes are pretty unique for a few reasons, namely the cross-hybridization of two disciplines: road and MTB. At a glance, a cyclocross bike looks like a road bike: drop handlebars, bar-end or integrated brake lever shifting, narrow 700c diameter wheels, svelte tubing and narrow saddle. But closer inspection turns up cantilever brakes and more tire clearance for wider tires and the mud that often plugs up the narrow knobbies, hence the term “mudplugging.” Many cyclocrossers use narrow, slick tires to train on country roads, then switch to 700x30c semi-slick knobby tires for racing.

We’ve decided to enter the fray with the Gaansari Mudplugger, inspired by countless hours discussing bicycle design and cyclocross dynamics with multiple national `cross champion Tim Rutledge, former pro racer and product designer for Redline Bicycles, now with Raleigh American. Just like the rest of the Gaansari line, expect to see a nice mix of old-school heritage with smart componentry options. Made in Ohio. Color: Stable Boy Orange. Price: TBD. We’re also in the early stages of developing a Springboro-based cyclocross race series for autumn 2005.
Products to Consider
All products, unless otherwise noted, can be shipped to your home or workplace for an additional shipping cost. Just call 1-937-748-8862 or email, and we'll take care of your cycling needs.

On-One Mungo H'bars
Based on the much-ballyhooed Nitto Moustache bars, UK style. The Mungos have a 26.0mm clamp diameter, and are 53cm wide. Just $50. Again, we recommend the Tektro 221A road brake levers, just $16/pair.

On-One Midge H'bars
Based on the much-ballyhooed WTB Dirt Drop cyclocross bars, UK style. The Midge has a 25.4mm clamp diameter, and is 58cm wide with a 113-degree flare on the ends! Just $65. Once again, we recommend the Tektro 221A road brake levers, just $16/pair. Shimano bar-end shifters would work swimmingly for `cross; call for availability and pricing (8 or 9-spd). Excellent bars for the upcoming Gaansari Mudplugger! The funny names "Mungo" and "Midge" come from a British children's TV show that ran in the late 1960s, early `70s.

Nitto Scorcher H'bars
Probably the most Wright Brothers-worthy bars for the Scorcher or fixie project bike on the planet. The cromoly Scorcher bars have a 25.4mm clamp diameter, and are 56cm wide. Just $45. We recommend the DiaCompe reverse brake levers, just $30/pair.

Gaansari Cycling Cap – Blue
As most lifestyle cyclers would admit, the much vaunted and highly respected cotton cycling cap is a must-have item anytime of the year. Fly the Gaansari colors! Gold "Gaansari" logos throughout. Made by Pace in the USA. Also available in Red or Black. Just $10.

Gaansari Stable
Looking for an old fixed gear? Something new old stock? Visit the Gaansari Stable for really good deals. We've sold fine bikes to fine folks from Atlanta, Florida, Delaware and Seattle, to name a few.
Nifty Movies
· As card-carrying members of the “Wallace & Gromit” fan club for nearly 10 years, we heartily recommend book marking this movie preview on your short list of Favorites – “Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit” due in October 2005. It’s the first full-length feature movie from the crew that received a handful of Oscar awards for the W&G short films.

· I still remember seeing Star Wars as an 11-year-old in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1977. Now my 11- and 10-year-old kids and I will see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith this spring. My, how time flies.
Nifty Links
· Blue Collar MTB wants to help riders who love the sport, but who don’t have the money to spend on high priced, average quality products. Their goal is to test products and give their website viewers valuable and honest feedback, so fellow riders know what products are worth their hard-earned money.

· Friend and customer Aldo Ross contributes vintage images to this really boss website.

· Matt Chester builds custom titanium single gear bicycle frames by hand, in 700c / 29" with traditional single speed (track ends + rim brakes) or fixed gear specific. Simple, the way it ought to be.

· Don Ferris builds bicycle frames, and is the foremost provider of excellent framebuilding expertise via his company, Anvil Bikeworks – built to hammer on!

· Have a Nifty Music or Movie Link you'd like to recommend? Send it to us for future consideration.
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