Friday, June 24, 2005

No. 38, Vol. 4 - Bicyclettes Internationales

As some folks know, U.S. bicycle industry annual sales hover around $5.5 billion. I was startled to read in yesterday's Wall Street Journal that the chicken industry does about $50 billion a year! That's a lot of frickin' chicken! I know several cyclists who love chicken, and just as many that do the vegetarian/vegan thing.

Conversely, there are many cyclists we're getting to know both here and abroad, and it's fun to learn about the wonderful exploits these folks have on two wheels. Eric O., a customer from New Mexico, just ordered a custom Gaansari Scorcher for an epic trip with PAC Tours to Peru this October. Eric tells me he'll experience firsthand what it's like to climb 16,000 feet on a fixed gear. We look forward to his pictures.

This posting isn't meant to boast or brag; folks in the bike biz know how frustrating it can be when the phones don't ring and no one seems to notice the work one does to get nice bikes under nice people. We're in our third year with Gaansari, and it's encouraging to see so many devout cyclists choose our brand over so many excellent choices in the market.

Some recent emails:

"I wanted to compliment you on such a beautiful website and what appears an equally beautiful product line. What nice looking bikes, wow! Someone on the i-BOB list mentioned Gaansari so I thought I'd check it out. Makes me want to get on a plane for Ohio to buy a new bike!!"
~Tom M., Palo Alto, CA
"Which model do I like best? That's tough. I toggled back and forth through the models and I think it'd have to be between the St. Clair and the Flyer, though I have to say, they're all absolutely superlative. I'm not a fixie kind of guy, but I love the aesthetic of the clean, simple look - and the Scorcher exemplifies that beautifully. Your sense of color is fantastic. The St. Clair in that copper and custard is just gorgeous.

"As I was going through them I called my girlfriend over to take a look. She's owned very successful graphic design businesses and has worked with some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies doing brochures, catalogs, stockholder bulletins, that kind of thing. She is very critical and has a very good sense of color. She thought your color selections were great - the bikes look elegant, classy and desireable. From her, this is high praise.

"Moreover, I like your company philosophy as well as the bike design, construction and look. I'm sure this is more than you want to know, but there you go."
~Tom M. (again), Palo Alto, CA

A good friend, Sal R., just picked up his Gaansari Whirlwind, and plans to take it to the Tour de France next week. This is Sal's sixth-and-a-half Tour, and he's excited to see the mountains of France once again, this time astride his new bike, which he's nicknamed JPII, after the late pope.

Spencer K. from Missouri recently ordered a Scorcher to use on brevets, and has toured all over the world. A recent email from Spencer:

"BTW, I have cyclo-toured with a lady from Dayton that now lives in London, England. The whole time I rode with her (Chile, Argentina, China, Vietnam, and Ireland) I heard that nobody makes frames like the English. I am blowing her mind by buying a frame from her hometown. I am sure the frame will blow her away! I can't wait to ride cross country with her husband next year on an American frame. The force is strong..."

Then there's Hap Harlow, an American Major stationed with his family at European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. Hap recently ordered the third Gaansari Mudplugger, and is quite the aviation buff:

"Speaking of bicycles, the Paris Air Show was tremendously inspiring! The show is co-located with the French Air and Space museum which includes a fantastic collection of first-generation airplanes--including a Wright Flyer B and many other--all magnificently restored. There are bicycle parts on every one of them! I took some photos with you guys in mind--hopefully they'll stimulate some creative bike-building! (I'll attach a few in a separate email and send a CD with more if you like)."

Another interesting customer, Mark N., an attorney from Columbus, Ohio, ordered two Gaansaris, a Van Cleve for himself, and a Scorcher for his wife Shannon:

"I am looking for a custom steel bike to commute to and from work. I usually take the long way to work which is about 25 mile and return trip is 5 miles. I ride a Redline Conquest Pro and was looking at the Gaansaris online. I do not race and strickly commute. Do you sell complete bikes? What would the price range be for a Van Cleve with ultegra componets, fenders and rear rack? Also, my wife is interested in a 56cm Scorcher. She would like a price on a black one with silver rims and fenders, mustache handlebars and front brake. She is just looking at the basic set up, nothing too fancy."

Enjoy your day, and enjoy the ride.

Gary B.


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