Friday, September 23, 2005

No. 46, Vol. 4 - 1975 BMW R90/6.

I know, you're thinking `why is there a 1975 BMW R90/6 motorcycle on The Bike Evangelist page?' Well, the moto's mine, and I need to sell it for the same reason I bought it in June 2000: to rob Peter to pay Paul, as it were.

In June 2000 I sold two titanium bikes to raise funds to buy the motorcycle, to essentially scratch my "gotta-have-a-motorcycle-to-be-more-like-Steve-McQueen" itch. That, and Ohio's weather is more moderate than Wisconsin's, where I spent the first 33 years of my life.

Now, the property from which The Bike Evangelist is published and both Cycles Gaansari and SKIDSTRONG reside needs a privacy fence. The cost? About the price of my motorcycle. Being the giving, loving business partner and husband that I am, I offered to sell my precious BMW to pay for the privacy fence. Here's some information on the original spec.

I bought the R90/6 from the original owner in north Dayton with 43,000 original miles; it has a fairing and hard shell luggage. The longest journey was from Dayton to Trenton, Ontario and back for the BMWMOA gathering in July 2002. Odometer stopped working about two years ago, but I haven't driven it more than 300 miles since then. No leaks, no real issues, no rust. Most service records; all work done by BMW Tri-State in Cincinnati. New Bosch plugs, new BMW battery, newer Metzler tires, and a recent oil change by yours truly. Quite the do-it-yourselfer moto. Shaft drive and front disc brake.

Serious inquiries only. Price: $2,900. I also have some extra goodies to go along for an additional price. Let me know, and tell your moto buddies who just might be in the market. Gotta get this fence before winter sets in.

Gary B.


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