Friday, May 05, 2006

No. 57, Vol. 5 - Tornado Tom!

Belgium road racing pro Tom Boonen has caught the attention of the entire Boulanger famille, which has made for an exciting spring. My buddy Alan taped a few spring classics for us, and we've enjoyed Tommy T's infectious smile the past month or so. What's not to like about this guy? He's 25 years old, current world champion, Belgian, and oozes charisma and panache not seen in the Euro peloton in decades.

Tom pipping George to take Paris-Roubaix `05
Photo: Graham Watson

Tom taking world champion's gold in late`05
Photo: Graham Watson

Tom bustin' a move in Tour of Flanders `06
Photo: Graham Watson

Tom showing his trademark smile as he crosses the line in Tour of Flanders `06
Photo: Graham Watson


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