Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No. 54, Vol. 5 - Our 5th Year.

Justilonica in Traverse City, MI

Pedro and a Potts MTB fork.

Pat Maguire's Gaansari Flyer.

Gary & Sal in May 2005.

Our Man Will Meister, head janitor at HubJub.

Stacked to the rafters (apologies to Dave Grohl).

Family night rides.

The new location - 305 S. Main Street in Springboro, OH

The original location - 1106 Brown Street in Dayton, Ohio from January 2003 to December 2004.

Sam preparing for the Springboro Freedom Festival.

Sam and Justin's rear flying down State Street.

Justin and Ryan.

Captain of the Guard - Gromit.

Cycles Gaansari has entered its fifth year in business. We've seen a lot these past few years, and sometimes the days are too short. Sometimes the days are too long, and a few pulls on a deep cup of black coffee usually makes everything better. That and listening to "Live At Stubbs" by Matisyahu.

Last year was interesting from many perspectives. First, we relocated the business to Springboro from downtown Dayton. Our first employee Bryan Bell transferred his employment to another local bike shop, while our first part-time employee Justin Kellermeier came on board full time. We opened our doors to the world on January 17, and introduced our new line of Gaansari bikes at the Seattle Bike Expo in February. Springboro is more of a rural community, so we lost most of the walk-in traffic had at our downtown Dayton location. Our out-of-state sales tripled, as did sales of Gaansari models.

Highlights from 2005:

January for a bike company can be slow. Our mood ebbs and flows with the weather, and we try our best to snap back to reality and realize how fortunate we are to have this business (a bike ride, even a very short one, does wonders for the soul). Our wealth is based on friendships first and foremost, and while negative cashflow can be a challenge, our bank account of relationships is overflowing.

Thank you for an awesome 2005. Let's make it a spectacular 2006! Check us out when you can - we have several new-old-stock bikes for sale, as well as room in production for more Gaansari bikes and custom wheelsets.

~ Gary, Jean, Samantha, Henri, Justin and Gromit.


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