Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No. 63, Vol. 5 - Looking Golden.

We're driving from Ohio to San Francisco this weekend via a 26-foot Penske truck. The boy and I will be commandeering the big ol' truck, with my wife and daughter driving the dog and hamster in the Subaru wagon. We're hoping for a smooth 3-day adventure.

As the Gaansari story unfolds, more information will be given about the upcoming new product launch, the new business model, and the players involved. One of the new technologies we're using is Gizmo (kinda like Skype, but more versatile). Our new contact information will be available June 1.

If you'd like to receive updates on Gaansari and the other projects we're involved with, including Project Rwanda, send an email and we'll add you to our ever-growing Bike Evangelist newsletter list, nearing 2,000 strong worldwide. Keep an eye on this blog for further updates, fun things to read, and general silliness.

~ Gary B.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey gary -- just wanted to say hi. i've been looking for some contact info for you but decided leaving a comment was the best way having not found an e-mail address. i'm a bit tired now so it's bedtime for me. i look forward to reading through all this in the morning, sounds like you're doing some really incredible stuff. If you need anything you can get to me at Jonah AT jonahsage DOT com


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