Friday, June 02, 2006

No. 64, Vol. 5 - New Contact Info.

Three days, 2,468 miles, three snow squalls, 18 rain drubbings, and nearly $1,000 in diesel fuel later, we arrived in San Francisco around midnight on May 29 without any hiccups. Now that we're settled into the Bay area, we thought you'd like to know our new contact information:

San Francisco, CA
Skype: gaansari

We may not be readily available, so have patience. Feel free to leave a voice or email, and we'll get back to you ASAP. PLEASE NOTE: we are not opening a retail location here in California. Bear with us as we retool and revamp the Gaansari line of frames, complete bikes, accessories and other products. We also have a few new business annoucements to share in the coming weeks.

~ Gary B.


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