Monday, February 01, 2010

Rough Stuff.

The author and his Gaansari Whirlwind 29er at Fremont-Older in Cupertino, California

I've recently committed to participating in the 2010 Rough Riders Rally in Fairfax, California, scheduled for July 23-25.

Organized by adventure-loving cyclist Chris Kostman, this event promises to provide all the thrills I've been reading about since my late-1980s Bicycle Guide-induced fixation with northern California.

As a California resident (since late May 2006), I now appreciate the unlimited cycling opportunities available both on road and off. Kostman's Rough Riders Rally mixes the two, and by choosing the birthplace of the modern mountain bike, he's hit a home run.

Required reading from Kostman, circa 1993, from an article he wrote for Bicycle Guide.


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