Thursday, April 14, 2005

No. 34, Vol. 4

Freedom & Independence
In 1970, when I was barely 4 years old, 66% of school kids walked or rode bikes to school. It’s 2005, I’m not quite 39 years old, and a paltry 13% of today’s schools kids walk, scooter, skateboard or ride bikes to school, according to a federal study. The reasons, according to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Bicycles For The Toddler Set,” are fear of abductions and traffic congestion.


Grown-ups, not children, appear to be making some very shortsighted transportation decisions these days. I know so many people that live vicariously through their "rugged" clothing and offroad vehicles without doing anything rugged or offroad, for that matter. To me, bicycling brings people back to simpler times, when kids would whip down to the drug store to buy a milkshake and buy a Charleston Chew. These days, kids never ask to be overbooked in so many activities, which turns parents into taxi services. Parents: let your kids enjoy their childhood. Let them run around barefoot in the summer time; let them ride their bikes down to the creek and catch frogs; let them play baseball with a wooden bat and a tennis ball in the grass lot down the street. And for heaven's sake, spend some time with them! Enjoy bike rides to the ice cream stand, or better yet, plan a weekly ride to the playground and enjoy playing as much as they do. Spring has arrived, summer's right around the corner, and it's time to rejoice in the splendor of green grass and blue skies.

Gary Boulanger, editor
The Bike Evangelist
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Group Rides
Time to saddle up, partner! Gaansari Group Rides have begun! These will be moderately fast road bike rides (18 mph – 28 mph) on the rolling hills of Springboro and the outlying townships. Conversational pace. We roll at 6:30 p.m. sharp, so please arrive around 6 p.m. We also roll out at 8 a.m. sharp on Saturday mornings.

· USA Today reporter Julie Schmit wrote a nice article about Clif Bar founder Gary Erickson recently.

· BusinessWeek reporter Stacy Perman wrote a nice article about Cycles Gaansari April 8.

For first I’m so sorry for my English. I had look your URL (website – ed.) and I was impressed of your bike. I live in Vicenza, Italy, and I'm in love of Gaansari Scorcher bike - the design is really perfect. I would like know if is possible buy this bike from Italy. If is possible can you tell me the price with speditions (shipping – ed.) and how is better buy it. I hope you understand me; in the next mail I will find a translator..:-) Thanks so much for you answer.


Products to Consider
All products, unless otherwise noted, can be shipped to your home or workplace for an additional shipping cost. Just call 1-937-748-8862 or email, and we'll take care of your cycling needs.

The Orbea Orca and Onix carbon road bike models are turning heads lately, thanks to recent articles in some major bicycling publications. Some positive features include lifetime warranty on the frame and fork, with no weight limit. We’re proud to be one of only two Ohio Orbea authorized dealers. Stop in the shop to check them out or be sized for your personal ride.

The Co-Motion Periscope family tandem was recently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. After nearly one year riding one with our kids, we agree that it’s the best solution to fun family riding. Stop by the shop and see for yourself.

Gaansari Stable
Looking for an old fixed gear? Something new old stock? Visit the Gaansari Stable for really good deals. We've sold fine bikes to fine folks from Atlanta, Florida, Delaware and Seattle, to name a few.

Probably one of the coolest repair stands I've ever used now resides in our service area, courtesy of the fine pro mechanics from the former US Postal cycling team, who co-developed the Park PRS-20 Professional Fork Mount repair stand. Made in USA, just $185. Order one and see for yourself how handy it is.

Looking for a special set of wheels for a fixed/singlespeed road bike? How about a lightweight pair for your next brevet? Our ace wheelbuilder Justin builds strong, reliable wheels with your choice of hubs, rims and spokes from Phil Wood, DT-Swiss, Surly, Miche, Salsa, DK, Alex, Velocity, Chris King, SunRingle, Shimano, Suzue and Campagnolo, to name a few. Email or call 1-888-813-3355 about delivery and pricing. As Justin says, a good bike starts with the frame and wheels. "Everything else is pure jewelry."

Jones H-Bars
Variable position off-road titanium handlebar, something ideal for our Gaansari Whirlwind 29er. Curved front extensions provide better and more comfortable forward grip positions. This bar has a better "full aero tuck" position and a better "heal of the hand on the cross bar with fingers spread out and draped on the front extension" position compared to the straight extension model. The best bar for all day epics or 24 hour racing. Patent pending. Just $199.

On-One Mungo H'bars
Based on the much-ballyhooed Nitto Moustache bars, UK style. The Mungos have a 26.0mm clamp diameter, and are 53cm wide. Just $50. Again, we recommend the Tektro 221A road brake levers, just $16/pair.

The Much-Ballyhooed Nitto Moustache H’Bars
Designed by Grant Petersen during his high-flyin' Bridgestone Cycle days, based on a widely popular design used during the Wright Brothers' era in the 1890s. Ideal for extra hand positions, climbing leverage, and the occasional need to get aero. Made by Nitto with simple elegance, wonderful compatibility, and heat-treated aluminum. Ours has a 25.4mm clamp diameter, and is 54cm wide. Just $65.

On-One Midge H'bars
Based on the hugely popular WTB Dirt Drop cyclocross bars, UK style. The Midge has a 25.4mm clamp diameter, and is 58cm wide with a 113-degree flare on the ends! Just $65. Once again, we recommend the Tektro 221A road brake levers, just $16/pair. Shimano bar-end shifters would work swimmingly for `cross; call for availability and pricing (8 or 9-spd). Excellent bars for the upcoming Gaansari Mudplugger! The funny names "Mungo" and "Midge" come from a British children's TV show that ran in the late 1960s, early `70s.

Nitto Scorcher H'bars
Probably the most Wright Brothers-worthy bars for the Scorcher or fixie project bike on the planet. The cromoly Scorcher bars have a 25.4mm clamp diameter, and are 56cm wide. Just $45. We recommend the DiaCompe reverse brake levers, just $30/pair.
Nifty Music
· At The Close Of Every Day is a three-man indie band from Amsterdam, kinda like a stripped down version of Coldplay. Give them a listen when you can.

· Acoustic folkie artist Ellis Paul comes highly recommended by U.S. Army Capt. T.G. Taylor, currently serving in Bagram, Afghanistan. Capt. Taylor also recommends recent stuff from Rufus Wainwright.
Nifty Links
· gives a voice to the farmers, laborers, and factory workers who are being cheated by the blatantly unfair rules of world trade. And it gives a voice to you, the consumer, if you want to join them in the call to end exploitation and make trade fair.

· Jeff Jones is a solitary cycler and independent framebuilder eeking out a living out west, building beautiful titanium singlespeeds, 29ers, and fixed gears. Jeff is totally over-the-top with his stuff. Not only is he fabbing some very different and wicked titanium frames, he's also developed his patent-pending Jones H-Bars, something we've decided to offer on our Whirlwind 29er. Spendy, but very nice.

Have a Nifty Music or Movie Link you'd like to recommend? Send it to us for future consideration.
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